Hey! I’m Rob. This is me:


I play in a couple of bands. I sing lovely backing vocals and play guitar for Paddy Johnston & the Love Explosion, and do my best brooding bass-player impression for Titans & Kings. I sometimes do my own stuff for The Inkstars and, most recently, White Birches (when I find the time to record without all my equipment breaking).

I used to write another blog, Rob Has Secrets. I wrote a secret about myself every day for a year.

After studying a Creative Writing MA at the University of Exeter, I’ve been working on a number of creative projects. At the moment I’m working on a short story collection. Meanwhile, this blog is here to provide you lovely people with my thoughts on a variety of topics; expect posts about the media and pop culture, film, videogame and music,¬† and nostalgia pieces. I’m an outrageous nerd, so most of them will be embarrassing. I also may force some of my fiction on you, and a fair bit of it is sci-fi.

Brace yourselves for the geek.

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