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Set Fire To The Night

15 Mar


I’m sorry I’ve not been around much. Between the music, novel, and various other things I’ve not been able to write much by way of blog posts.

But, here’s a quick update. The novel is going incredibly well, and I’ve had some excellent feedback on what I have so far. There will be more on that in the future. I’m also recording an acoustic album this summer, which I am incredibly excited about.

Most importantly, though, is this. Titans & Kings, my rock band, has just released a music video. You can see it, exclusive from OurZone, here.

The song is called Set Fire To The Night. It’s set for release on the 24th March from all good online distributors, and we’re very, very excited about it. Give it a listen, and get ready to have a bit of a dance. It’s the musical equivalent of an 80s movie montage and you’re going to love it.


Shameless Music-Promoting Blog Post #1

26 Aug

Yes, it’s time that I force my music upon you, like a mother getting her child to eat broccoli. Only I don’t think my music is quite as good for you in the long run.


First up, here is a new EP from White Birches:

Unfortunately I’m calling hiatus on the project for now, due to a mixture of wanting to focus on my writing for a while, job-hunting, things picking up pace with my less anti-social bands, and not wanting to set up my new laptop for recording after the last one went to the great repair shop in the sky. Because of this, I’m putting up the final recordings we made as a pay-what-you-want EP. Don’t worry about paying anything unless you’re feeling particularly generous; if you like it, it’s more than enough satisfaction that you’ve downloaded it. The project will probably get going sometime soon when I have a bit more time on my hands.


Speaking of my other bands, I have been playing bass for Titans & Kings for a while now. It’s super-awesome-fun-happiness getting up on stage with them, and we’ve been playing gigs aplenty recently. We’ve been offered the chance to play with the fantastic Hornet by SED Records and Mean Fiddler. The gig is on the 27th September upstairs at The Garage in Highbury. So, if any Londoners are about then, it would be great to see you there. Tickets are available online here.

Aside from just us, both Hornet and Black State Highway rock more than a geologist’s personal stash of favourite igneous and sedimentary samples. If you’ve not heard us yet, here’s a quick sample:


My other band, Paddy Johnston & The Love Explosion, is going into the studio soon. We’ll have a four-track EP out, complete with six-way vocal harmonies and lovely choruses, before the end of the year.


Right, I think that’s all for now. Up next, I’m starting a new series called Rob’s Rockin’ Retro Reviews. The title, thankfully, will not reflect the quality of the writing. It will be much worse.