Update! Or, An Apology for Why I Haven’t Been Posting More Blogs about Dinosaurs

8 Feb

Crikey, it’s been a while. Sorry folks! I’ve been extremely busy recently. So what have I been up to?

For one thing, I’ve been in the studio with the band, recording our debut EP. I can’t tell you much: the name, the artwork, or anything like that. But I can tell you this: it’s going to sound lush. We’ve recorded with the absolutely ruddy fantastic Antonio Hanna at Freefall Studios. He’s based out of the old Fortress complex by Old Street and is monstrously talented. I’ll be sure to share around the EP when it’s finished, but it’s safe to say that it puts all our other recordings to shame.

Notice the fear in my eyes. Tor is just out of view with a shotgun aimed at my face.

Notice the fear in my eyes. Tor is just out of view with a shotgun aimed at my face.

I always enjoy going into the studio. For one thing, it makes me feel like a proper musician, as opposed to playing onstage where I think to myself ‘if I shake my hips a bit then people will ignore the bum notes I’m hitting’. There’s something so unbelievably satisfying about it as well, particularly when you’ve done a clean take, or beasted an awkward breakdown section.

Bass it up a notch.

Bass it up a notch.

There were plenty of slow moments, though. My bass was done within an hour and a bit one morning, and aside from that all I had to contribute was some backing vocals (being the mooching, unimportant bass player that I am). So I kept myself busy by working on my writing projects. Well, I say that, but I forgot my laptop for the first day so instead spent a frankly obscene amount of time working my way through Scribblenauts.

The short story collection is, thankfully, going fairly well. I foolishly decided, in one of my bouts of punching above my limited ability as an author, to write a timeline-jumping, strangely-structured post-apocalyptic short story and it has taken far too long to complete a first draft. I am now leaving it for a while, sickened by the sight of its bloated paragraphs and awkward emotional moments. It needs a good streamline, but for now I want to write something a little more in my comfort zone, so I’m back to writing internet community-themed horror. After only a few hours of concentrated scrawling I’m already 3000 words in and I suspect the new story is going to be completed very easily. There will be an extract up online fairly soon.

So, what else? More gigs, working out another musical project (I am a band whore and I am proud) as well as putting the groundwork in for my own solo EP, potentially sorting out some interesting stuff for March and April (secrets! Ooooh!) and, unfortunately, not playing much of the huge stack of videogames I got for Christmas.

Anyway, more blog posts soon, I promise! I’ll actually write something, I swear!


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