Fresh Sounds from Churchill’s Town: Gambian Music

27 Jul

Time for something a little bit different today. I’ve recently been given the details of a number of musicians from The Gambia. Not exactly the place you’d look for new music, but in fact there is a vibrant, fresh and dedicated scene with a lot of new ideas to bring to the R’n’B, reggae and hip-hop table.

I’ve got four fantastic artists to showcase for you today, bringing massive songs from the smallest country in mainland Africa.



First up, the intensely political tracks of Egalitarian, aka Modou Lamin Bah. Egalitarian firmly believes in the power of those with a voice to use it for good, and champions peace, child development and women’s rights across Africa. Bringing reggae soul with an R’n’B twist, 30% of the sales of the album Walk Around have gone to Gambian orphanage charities.


Amie Dibba

Born in Texas from Gambian parents, Amie Dibba is the multitalented female voice of the Gambia. Amie Dibba has arranged, recorded, and produced her own material. Amie is currently studying at Wisconsin River Falls university, and is the Director of Music at the African Broadcasting Network – America. You can download her album here.


Melody M

A real up-and-comer in the Gambian music scene. Hailing from Banjul, Melody M has a very pro-Gambia and pro-Africa message to his songs. Using a similar setup to a lot of the R’n’B and Hip Hop movement, in particular an artistic use of autotune, Melody M’s music is cool, catchy, and passionate.



Raised in Churchill’s Town, Nova has had hits in the Gambia since 2007. Signed to the indie label LVMP Records, Nova, real name Famara Sandou, is a real DIY musician, and he has produced not only his own music, but also songs for a variety of other Gambian musicians.


For more about these artists, you can get in touch with their management at this email address. They also represent many other up-and-coming musicians and would be very happy to talk to interested parties.


So there’s a quick look at great music from an unexpected place. There’s a wealth of fantastic music out there, if you only dig a little beneath the surface.


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