Bahstun! Attractions: The Museum of Science

19 Mar

In case you can’t tell yet, I am a big fan of family attractions: places where kids are able to run around, shout, and possibly injure themselves whilst the parents sigh and have a brief break from their permanent headache by going to the planetarium. The Boston Museum of Science fits this to a T.

Immediately on entrance, I was hit with the sound of a thousand children’s stomping feet. The first sections of the museum are full of buzzing buttons, flashing lights and things to poke and hit. I relished every minute of it, as seen below.

"I'm learnding!"

The best bits of the SCIENCE section were the electricity and robotics collections. There was a brilliant lightning show, for instance, where one of the museum workers used Tesla Coils to make an ear-splitting amount of noise and terrify everyone in the audience with the threat of electrocution.

Meanwhile, the exhibit on robotics had some of my personal favourites. Along with some genuinely neat educational tools about systems programming, there were two interactive robot/AI things. One of them was an incredibly needy little bastard that desperately wanted to be my friend (I’m not sure why; maybe it was trying to get some pity money). The other one was a pair of CGI women who wanted questions to be asked – basically testing out and showing that computers can understand speech. I gotta say, those bitches loved my English accent.

It wasn’t only THE FUTURE on hand though. There were also, again, a load of dead things to look at. Not mummified humans this time, but creepy stuffed animals!


Seriously, there was a huge collection of dead animals in this place. There were also a suspiciously low number of kids in this part; I suspect the two are related somehow. I loved it though. Even though taxidermy in extremely creepy at times, the expressions most of the animals are making are friggin’ hilarious.

On top of that, I actually learnt things about animals. There were plenty of dioramas about New England and Massachusetts-based critters. Each of the ‘enclosures’ had the same thing written about it: ‘[this particular animal] is built for survival’. For some reason, this was hilarious, and I enthusiastically shouted out “BEARS ARE BUILT FOR SURVIVAL” and “DEER ARE BUILT FOR SURVIVAL”. It made me look like I was on an away-day from a mental institution, but it was worth it.

Finally, it has an excellent gift shop, if only for this:

Why yes, that is in fact a GODDAMN ROBOT HAT!

Loads of things to do with robots, brew-your-own-root-beer sets, giant bastard dinosaur toys, horrible science pun t-shirts, loads of stuff about planets, Boston cookbooks, yada yada. If I had more disposable income I would have spent it all in there.

Fantastically dapper T-Rex says bye-bye!



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