Bahstun! Attractions: New England Aquarium

15 Mar

Let’s move onto my actual adventures in Boston, MA shall we? On our first full day, we trekked up to the New England Aquarium by the harbour. It had snowed the night before which meant our first thoughts were to go look at penguins being hilarious.

And sure enough, they were. Penguins are up there with the best animals in the world – along with seals, otters, and golden marmosets. The New England Aquarium immediately gets my approval because of having not one, but two kinds of penguin on show. If there’s anything else you need to know about a place other than that there are two kinds of penguins then you need to go sort your head out.

Look'it 'em! Sooooo cute!

As a side note, if you ever go to Boston, do get the City Pass – you can go to five attractions for $49, as opposed to the average of twenty bucks a pop. Definitely worth it, as each of the choices is great.

Apart from the penguins, the rest of the aquarium was also in tip-top shape. There is a four-floor-sized tank filled with a variety of marine life, with a spiral slope going up so you can look in at almost every point. Highlights of this include a giant mother-lovin’ turtle and a badass shark.

On each of the floors there are also plenty of different species. Check out the moray eels, deadly poisonous frogs, a very pissed off and sleepy octopus, and even a section on New England and Massachusetts local wildlife. My personal favourites, though, were the seals.

As mentioned before, I bloody love seals. They’re amazing and hilarious. There is an outside section filled with the bastards, and they were quite happy to waddle about and make a load of noise whilst posing for excellent photos such as below:

Paint me like one of your French girls.

Apart from that, it’s all pretty awesome. A big gift shop if you need to buy a giant cuddly turtle, a decent cafeteria with tasty food for not-so-expensive prices, helpful and friendly staff, and it’s right by the Farneuil Hall and Quincy Market shopping district/tourist trap.

Back to the penguins for one last point: they shower them, which is cute enough. But you know what they do after that? Blow dry the bastards. You don’t know cute until you’ve seen a penguin sitting under a fan heater lightly flapping its wings.


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