Bahstun! Food: Part Three

12 Mar

Time for the next instalment of my Boston food adventure! The third day’s breakfast was again made up of Dunkin’ Donuts – this time a Boston Creme and a glazed. After that, we set off to the Boston Museum of Science. Somehow along the way we managed to pick up more Angus Steak Sandwiches and a Bacon & Egg Bagel for good measure.

The museum was probably the most awesome attraction of the week. Full of scientific wonders, stuffed animals, spinning thingamajigs, robots, and more; it was a dreamland. Unfortunately the food there wasn’t up to scratch. A small-ish, dry hot dog, and mediocre fries, for a relatively large amount of money all things considered.

Costumes on dogs should be made illegal

Photo unrelated, but it came up when I looked for a 'small hot dog'

Even so, it didn’t diminish our enjoyment of the epic science stuff. By the time to depart, though, I was parched. So, I made a quick stop at a vending machine. Unfortunately, it had already sold out of the greatest drink in the universe, Mountain Dew. I was shocked. Appalled. I would have needed years of therapy to get over the fact, were it not for my choice of a wildcard drink. I got my hands on this:

The Root of All Deliciousness

Always trust products with cartoon animals on them.

This is Mug Root Beer, otherwise known as the SWEET NECTAR OF THE GODS. It’s the first drink I have had where the aftertaste has improved the overall experience. It was exceptional. Now that I am back in the UK, I am having horrific withdrawal symptoms. If anyone wants to get me some Mug over here, I will quite happily pay you back in sexual favours.

We walked back through Boston itself, enjoying the sights and stopping off at some nice shops along the way. By the time we were back at the hotel, we were knackered. Surveying the empty boxes, bags, and cartons around us, we decided that we would not add to the landfill site that was slowly being created. Instead, we ate out for the first time.

Our choice? The Cheesecake Factory. I’ll disappoint you now: we didn’t eat any cheesecake. This is because the main meals were so massive that we couldn’t handle any dessert. Let’s do a rundown – my girlfriend chose enchiladas, whilst I went for a pepperoni pizza. Here was our mistake, though: two sides. I was determined to have mac’n’cheese whilst I was over here, and the lass chose some sweet potato fries. She finished neither the main nor the side.

Meal for one

A 'medium' anything at The Cheesecake Factory.

So, I was left with the best part of three dishes to myself. I succeeded in finishing the mac’n’cheese (it was delicious, thank you very much), and then struggled my way through the other two. I ate two-thirds of the pizza and between us we ate three-quarters of the fries. Then, the restaurant made clear to us why America is the greatest nation in the world.

Doggy bags.

After paying, I waddled back home with some fries and four slices of pizza under my arm. Breakfast for the next day sorted.


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