Bahstun! Food: Part One

10 Mar

I spent from the 1st to the 8th March in the marvellous city of Boston, Massachusetts. Over the next few blog posts I’m going to write about my amazing time. First up, the most important part of any trip – the things I stuffed into my cavernous maw of a mouth.

We arrived in Boston at around six in the evening. Weary after a flight where I spent six hours watching high-brow cinema (A Dangerous Method, The Ides Of March, and The Descendants), we blundered out into the snow and onto a bus. Thankfully, Boston’s transport system is bloody fantastic so we had little trouble making our way to Hotel 140, in Boston’s Back Bay. I’ll say more about the hotel in another post – but let’s just say it was rather nice.

Of course, by the time we got there, we were a little tired. So to kick off our Boston adventures we decided to be incredibly adventurous and get Domino’s. Of course, this was delicious inexpensive and massive American Domino’s. And it was good. It set off a horrific week that might possibly have contained no food that was not either part of an animal or deep fried.

The next morning, we bought our breakfast for the week – a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts. They put Krispy Kreme to shame. I’d hazard at double the calories but it would be oh so worth it. There was one variation on the ‘eat fried and glazed delicious things breakfast’, also acquired from Dunkin’ and also circular in nature: the Angus Steak and Egg Breakfast Bagel. Or as it is now known, Ambrosia. I mean, Hell, just look at it!

Oh it's delicious

Om Nom Nom

Onion bagel, Angus steak, egg, and cheese. Oh my word. There is no better way to start your day.

On that first day, we went to the New England Aquarium. Again, in a later post (like all the attractions) I’ll talk about how awesome the awesome New England Aquarium of Awesome is. Quite simply, it has two kinds of penguins. For lunch we ate at the Aquarium and I had some fried chicken and chips. It was alright. The saving grace was its honey mustard dip, which I devoured with no hesitation.

For dinner, Burger King. A Double Stacker was my weapon of choice (I found out afterwards I could have had a Triple Stacker, much to my regret). I, modestly, chose to go for a small. My girlfriend, thankfully, went for a medium and could not finish her Chicken Sandwich meal, meaning that I got more fries, a Sprite the size of my face, and another Chicken Sandwich due to their amazing Buy One Get One Free deal.

Oh Sweet Lord

An artist's impression of my delicious dinner.

Not bad for a first day. I continued this trend. I may have even improved my calorie rate per 24 hour period.

Be back with more soon.


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