Goodbye London, Hello Nightclub

17 Feb

I am currently perched with one buttock on the side of my bed. The rest of my bed is taken up by my worldly possessions, neatly packed into cardboard boxes. Well, except my books. I haven’t found space for them yet and am currently thinking of the sacrilege of chucking some of them in a duffel bag.

After seven months of life in London, I’m moving back home. It’s a complicated tale that can basically be summed up by a) a mysterious illness and b) having no money. Unsurprisingly, this has put me in a foul mood. Although that may also be down the fact I’ve been listening to far too much Lana Del Rey and am slowly becoming a teenage girl.

Quite simply, I feel like a failure. I moved out of home, making the big, post-graduate steps to becoming a fully functioning human being. I apparently then tripped over my shoelaces and broke my nose.

Anyway, I am moving most of my belongings home this Sunday, leaving me with one last week in London to do London-y things. I will, most likely, be staying in my room and seeing my friends.

If any of you London-ites want to come say goodbye, then I am playing a gig with Paddy Johnston and the Love Explosion on the 21st. It’s at the Monarch, Camden, is free entry, and info can be found here.

I’ll be back to London. I don’t know when. When I get better, which could take some time. There are a few things that are keeping me sane about moving back home. I will be near countryside again. I will be near the sea again. My family are awesome. My dog is even more awesome. My friends back home are even more awesome than my dog, which is saying something since my dog is the cutest and funniest being in the universe. She’s like Ross Noble with less hair.

I will also, hopefully, be doing one or more of the following things:

Writing a short story collection. It’ll be sci-fi based, like everything good.

Getting on with White Birches, my new music project. It will sound nice, in general.

Putting together a boss PhD proposal.

Starting up an online video series.

Putting up a podcast play.

It’s difficult to say that the future is bright, because it isn’t. Not yet. But I’ve been through worse, and I’m going to try and use this time as positively as I can.

Finally, here are some tunes I’ve been listening to. I’ve shamelessly nicked this off my old pal Paddy, but hey, what haven’t I stolen off someone else?

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

Sóley – The Sun Is Going Down II

Purity Ring – Lofticries

Hardly Wait – Juliet Lewis

Is Your Love Strong Enough? – How To Destroy Angels


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